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hello it's so nice to meet you

central saint martins
2019 - 2020

university for the creative arts
2011 - 2013

i make a lot of noise and i make a lot of mess.

outside of my creative work, I'm really passionate about shinee & carly rae jepsen, the netflix Christmas movie universe and the australian soap opera neighbours.

photo journal

all material © 2021 johanna coulson


exit pursued by
my one-woman band!

cat planet studio
sweet mini melodies for animations and games. available at

games & projects featuring my music

Bombercat (OST Jam)
Squared (OST Jam)
Cyber Jukebox Hero (OST Jam)
From Dusk Til Dawn (LDJAM #46)

all material © 2021 johanna coulson


all material © 2021 johanna coulson


may 2021
a5, 22 pages
a journal-style zine about my experiences with my new puppy, sam. created for the 24 hour zine challenge hosted by swansea zine fest in 2021.

we went to japan
february 2020
12cm square, 20 pages
travelogue zine containing collages of photos, stamps and other materials collected during my visit to tokyo in october 2018.

shadows: a halloween zine
october 2014
a5, 12 pages
spooky photography zine. also features a short interview with brian viglione, who was incredibly funny and kind.

all material © 2021 johanna coulson

pop plants

Pop Plants is a digital zine for all ages! Find out the stories behind some of the world's finest floral themed pop songs and fun facts about the flowers that inspired them. This is a collaborative project between mother and daughter duo Tricia and Johanna Coulson who are launching this on 15th May to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Chelsea Fringe.


HOME is a project in two parts; a zine collecting photography and writing about Johanna’s time growing up in Chatham, and an album of ambient music and soundscapes based on audio captured from the area. Stories and memories from Johanna’s childhood are interwoven with images and sounds from the present day.


PUPPY! is a zine about my dog, Sam! I wrote this zine as part of the 24 Hour Zine challenge hosted by Swansea Zine Fest in 2021. You can download the PDF here.

all material © 2021 johanna coulson

live performance

A few selected highlights, as I've lost track of them all. There was a LOT of open mic nights in between. I'm currently on a break from performing live.

> The Cabaret Club, Oast House Community Centre

> The Cabaret Club: South Pacific, Oast House Community Centre
> Acoustic Sessions, Oasthouse Theatre
> Woodiestock Festival, Woodies Youth Centre

> ART31 Showcase, Gulbenkian Theatre
> University of Kent Showcase, Cargo
> Acoustic Sessions, Oasthouse Theatre
> Rochester Literary Festival, various venues

> Rat's Bay Shindig, Sun Pier House
> Rochester Literary Festival, various venues
> Arts Award Showcase, Rich Mix

> The Silk of 1000 Spiders (Icon Theatre), Fort Luton

live production

> I AM TABOO, Battersea Arts Centre
> Are the arts for everyone? Open Space, Battersea Arts Centre
> Changing London, Rich Mix
> Am I Pretty? with Theatre Counterpoint, Goldsmiths University
> Scratch, Nucleus Arts